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Forum Rules

PostPosted: 21 May 2009, 13:12
by Black Shroud
Administration can change the rules without notification. Updated rules begin to function once posted. Non-compliance of any of these rules can result in an infraction or a ban. The actions of administration can be discussed via PM or e-mail.

01. No gibberish names (like 5sgfsdf7) may be registered, also you may not use cursing, website addresses, email addresses etc as your nickname. Account with such name may be deleted on spot.

02. Only one account per person. By participating in Spirits Society forums, you agree not to impersonate any person or entity or falsely represent your affiliation with any person or entity. Double registration (under two or more nicknames) and registration under certain nicknames with aim to prevent their use by others is forbidden. Registration of “double” (visually similar to already existing one) nickname is forbidden as well. If you are found to have such accounts then all of them may be banned.

03. No inappropriate avatars. Meaning, no nudity, sex, sexual situations, and no women in skimpy clothing. This is a game site people. So how about some game related avatars?? If you aren’t sure, then ask first. If not being able to have a naked/mostly naked woman in your avatar here at Spirits Society bothers you, then perhaps you are coming to this site for the wrong reasons.

04. Accounts of inactive users (especially new users who havent made themselves known to community in other way) who have 0 posts will be deleted after 1 month of inactivity, and name will be available to register under, again.

05. Be respectful to other members! It is our goal to create a clean forum for the discussion of SS games. Slanderous or libelous comments about other users, administration, or other individuals are not allowed here, and will not be tolerated. Do not post any personal information about any individual.

06. Before posting on forum, you should read the rules.

07. New posts must be in English language; if they are in other language, they must contain English translation of message as well. New posts that are entirely in Russian may be posted only in special Russian sections of appropriate subforum (if such section is provided). Messages that don’t compile to this rule will be deleted on spot.

08. Keep discussions on topic! Please refrain from discussions not pertaining to SS games unless in Other Games or Flame sections. Creating threads that are off topic, empty posts, or posts with no relation to the current thread will not be tolerated.

09. If you post a new thread make sure
-that you post it in appropriate subforum.
-that similar thread wasn’t created before. For that, use Search function.
-that you give it name that makes sense, and reflects topic of your message or question. No cursing in thread titles, this will get you an infraction.

10. No threads/avatars/profiles may be created to attack other members/mods/admins or groups of people. If you have a problem with someone don't post about it first, take it up with them via PM or speak to a mod about it.

11. Do not threaten other members. with physical violence or otherwise. This is not only against the rules, but extremely stupid in a legal sense.

12. Posting messages that contain advertising, false information, cussing, cursing, big numbers of smileys is not allowed.

13. Trolling is classified as sitting on the forums and posting nothing productive. This includes posting with the intention of being insulting towards someone when it's entirely unprovoked. Some people also post with the intention of doing nothing but irritating the mods. That accomplishes nothing and wastes too much bandwidth. Trollers who can't post anything productive will be banned at anytime an administrator feels you are abusing the system.

14. No Spamming or Business Solicitation including advertising a product, offering a product for sale, or directing readers to a location for more information about a product. Threads created for the sole purpose of annoying other users or increasing a member's post count will also be considered spamming. Any type of soliciting will result in your immediate removal from the forum;

15. Floods aren't welcome. Flooders will get notification. If flood is continued, their accounts will be banned. Adware spam leads to immediate ban.

16. If you have been warned by moderator/administrator, responding by calling them names is the fastest way to get banned without your side of the story being heard. If you disagree with the mod then intelligent discussion via PM is the best way to present your case. PMs or threads like "F*ck you, d*ckhead!" won't get you far and will get you banned again, so try and work with the mods. We are all reasonable and chances are we’ll help find a way to a happy medium for all parties involved.

17. If we think that someone is making the forums a less pleasant place for SS fans to discuss anything related to franchise, we'll remove the messages or accounts as we see fit.

18. Administration reserves the right to remove any content from the forum that is objectionable to us for any reason, and/or to terminate your account. This determination is in our sole discretion, and is final.

19. If you have been banned and you decide to create a new account and return, you MAY be immediately banned again without warning at the discretion of the moderators and/or administrators.