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Samurai Spirirts Q&A Batch

PostPosted: 04 Apr 2008, 00:27
by Black Shroud
Q: Alright then, bub, could SS be a prequel to the Last Blade series? I have a notion (no real fact behind it or anything, just feeling) that the SS, LB, and the other SNK fighting series are somewhat intertwined. I have no basis for this, just speculation.

A: You are quite right, but lets see.
Last Blade, KOF and Samurai Shodown all take place in same universe but in different times.
Zantetsu in Last Blade is ancestor of Eiji from KOF
In Samurai Shodown, few "ancestors" of KOF characters show up from time to time, last one is Kim Hie-Ryuen from Samurai Shodown Edge of Destiny who appears to be Kim Kaphwan's ancestor.

Last game from Samurai Shodown (chronologically) takes place in 1810-1811 year, it is called Samurai Spirits Shinsho (New Chapter), among fans it is known better as Warriors Rage 2. Even then, it shows the beginning end of samurai era.
Next in timeline are Last Blade games, last of them takes place in 1864 year. It shows total end of Bakumatsu era as well as westernizing of Japan. The characters are depicted as "last swordsmans" in the world.
And the KOF begins from 1994 year, but its based on more early fightings; still it is based on more early titles such as Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting.

Samurai Spirits Shinsho (New Chapter) is also kinda the spiritual successor of Last Blade series, in 3D. The normal cast from Samurai Shodown was almost removed in this game (because it is "New Generation" style game like SF3 or Garou), and new characters and moves are almost entirely derived from Last Blade, as well as gameplay elements (pushing to other side of stage kick, anyone ?) And the main hero, Seishiro is basically Moriya gameplay-wise, with the moon theme still intact but ripped from Iai elements. Moriya's teleport was given to Haito, etc

Also there is a specific set of anime, mangas, games that one team worked on. Creator of Rurouni Kenshin counts there too. Also if you have seen Ninja Scroll I bet you too saw similar to samsho designs.
Also if someone interested from what the all samsho series began (the first game), look there
You will see a familiar face I suppose

Q: Is this new next-gen SS suppose to be a re-harsh like Wild Ambitions was for FF? I mean from the videos that are available, the intro is almost identical to the original SS arcade intro; just now it seems to have removed much of the "ki" based attacks that a lot of the characters are known for. I only say that because I didn't see Haohmaru's hurricane slash.

A: Lets see how games was released
-----2D Era / Ambrosia Story Arc--------
1)Samurai Spirits
2)SS Haohmaru Jigokuhen
3)SS Zankuro Musouken
4)SS Amakusa Korin
-----3D Era / Yuga Story Arc------------
5)SS 64
6)SS Asura Zanmaden
7)SS Shinsho ~ "aka Warriors Rage for PSX in USA"
----2D Era / Kuraki-Sumeragi Story Arc----
8)SS Zero (aka SS5 in USA)
9)SS Zero Special (aka SS5 Special in USA)
10)SS Tenkaichi Kenkakuden (aka SS6)
----3D Era / assumed "Sengoku" Arc---------------
11)SS Sen (aka Edge of Destiny in USA)

And, the timeline is as follows:

[The Beginning]
SS Zero
(SS Tenkaichi Kenkakuden as uncanonic branch of storyline that starts from SS Zero events)
Samurai Spirits
SS Zankuro Musouken
SS Amakusa Korin
SS Haohmaru Jigokuhen
SS 64
SS Sen (judging from Haohmaru's age; no official info)
SS Asura Zanmaden
SS Shinsho
[The End]

About intro:

Original Samurai Spirits intro with Haohmaru cutting lanterns and sakura tree:
Bushido (way of warrior) is the way of death
Shurado (way of Shura) is the way of victory
I, will become a vicious Rasetsu.
And all enemies before me, will be...
Cut in half!!

Next: SS64 intro was done as homage to Samurai Spirits intro, additionally it featured pictures of Yuga and Shiki; and Yuga narrated second part of text.
The purpose of homage: When series go on new level (in 3D that time), the original intro is remade.

Shura (god of war), shakes the earth
And blows as wind over the land
Rasetsu (dark devil), rends the ocean
Towards the unevitable end
Both submerge in a bottomless sea of blood,
And all the enemies before them, will be
Cut in half!!

Next: SS Zero intro featured the same text as original one from Samurai Spirits, only the narrator was Gaoh, and the background was the battlefield. This time only texts was the homage, and also SNK hoped to make overall view more epic (war and all things).
The purpose of homage: because of resurrection of series after 4 years and SNK bankrupcy, it was considered "new level"

Next: SS Sen intro - it is the total replica of SS1 intro, done in new graphics style. The purposes are: 1) let player to compare this intro with previous ones to show how impressive graphics became 2) Again mark that series go on new level.

About "ki" based attacks, under which you mean elemental- or magic-based attack that dont rely on sword itself. In a motion similar with SS Shinsho, SNK decided to give the sword and sword skills most serious role in game and diminish all magic attacks, especially fireballs, as much as possible, to make "sword vs sword" game. Moreso, all the demons and otherworldly creatures together with demon world itself are removed from SS Sen storyline completely; because SNK wanted to create "samurai vs samurai" story.

Q:Whats the point of SS series story? Could anyone(Black Shroud most likely) write a short summary of events during those games?

A:I will try to put it very short there.


Amakusa is executed by goverment forces for christian rebellion. He abandons christian god and mades a pact with dark god Ambrosia


Amakusa resurrects taking the body of Shinzo (hanzo's son), and sends disasters, planning to eventually make the path to our world for Ambrosia. The magic gem he uses was stolen from Tam Tam's village btw. Characters travel the world to stop him

SS Haohmaru Jigokuhen

Mizuki (posessing body of shinto priestess Bizuki) again sends demons and disasters to the world and wants to capture 4 sacred souls (Haohmaru Jubei Sieger Kyoshiro) to achieve power needed to led Ambrosia in human world. Characters travel the world and in the end must get in Makai (demon world) via Mountain of Fear and battle Mizuki to prevent her reaching human world.

I will note that Mountain of Fear (Osore Zan) at edge of japan right before ainu lands, you can say it stands between main japan and ezo, and is believed to have passage to Makai via its caves.

SS Zankuro Musouken

Zankuro is a giant warrior who is obsessed with perfection of his style to the point of maddness, he slaughtered everyone but then realised error in his ways and would attack only those who challenge him. Characters go to meet Zankuro for various reasons. (this is before SS Haohmaru Jigokuhen)


Amakusa's soul split in 2 half, good and evil (blue-skinned boss one). Evil Amakusa summons his castle in Shimabara where he was executed; as well as summons Zankuro back from the dead, and sustains both with power of Hazuki Kazama. He plans to dominate the world, and other characters including good Amakusa go to stop him (after SS Zankuro Musouken but before SS Haohmaru Jigokuhen)

Mysterious demon wizard, Yuga (in next game "he" is revealed to be remotely controlled body and actual Yuga was female sorceress from Makai); he controls big amount of people like puppets (hence called puppetmaster) and his target is merge of Yin and Yang forces of universe (notably merging Human World with Makai), for that he needs to be reborn as new dark god of Makai. Since he uses male-female body merging technique/sacrifice to create new body, for dark god body he needs Woman of Darkness Half and Man of Light Half = Shiki & Haohmaru, and he captures Shiki succesfully
(Note: its heavily hinted that Yuga is related to Ambrosia)

Yuga's big second comeback and at this time she (appears herself) and almost succeeds, with both Shiki and Haohmaru captured and main team of "good" guys unsuccesful/defeated.
Instead, Yuga gets defeated by her dreaded enemy, Makai swordsman, Asura; he was sealed but escaped when Yuga was defeated in SS64.
(Note: All the setting is based around Mountain of Fear again)

"New Generation" game a-la Garou or SF3, with mainly new storyline, and with subplot storyline arc (in which Yuga plays a big role since her spirit survived in Mikoto) to end SSAZ plot. Former leader of Iga Ninjas and now wandering bodhisattva (enlighted) cames to conclusion that there is need in radical change in Japan, which lost its martial spirit after years of peace. He plans to overthrow government and create a martial nation for the Bushin (martial arts god), nation where strong survive. For this he works through three mighty warriors called Three Blades of Domination, and also one of Tokugawa branches actually supports him. The center of all action is Riten-Kyo, a small prison island near Edo from where this new "wave" meant to be spread, as Three Blades of Domination start to act here; and various warriors gather on the island to encounter them.

SS Zero (before SS1)
There is famine in Japan, and since Tokugawa government does nothing, protector of Hinowa province, Gaoh decides to rebel and overthrow the government, and also he start recruitment of strong warriors. Though Gaoh is a hero he also appears to be posessed by ancient demon, called Kuraki-Sumeragi (Dark Emperor), who only seeks to start wars to get people die. Well a number of characters go to the Hinowa for various reasons

SS Tenkaichi Kenkakuden (uncanonical entry after SS Zero, a dream-match)

Yoshitora who is apparently a shogun (already), announces an Imperial Tournament (Gozen) for warriors all over the world, with big award. Matches are set during the various countries festivals (each arena in game = some festival). Apparently there is a rule to dont kill opponent (for Gozen's it in fact optional but since the game doesnt have the gore...).
In the end though it seems tournament faces some disaster (this is during you battle one of previous bosses) and you end up in Makai, forced to battle Gaoh who was reborn as the demon lord (MaGaoh). (Well if Gaoh is based from Nobunaga then MaGaoh is based off resurrected Nobunaga from Onimusha. Simple). As I can judge, MaGaoh wants to conquer Makai, and Kuraki-Sumeragi is still with him as well.

SS Sen. (it seems it is between SS64 and SSAZ)
It begins from story of how king and queen of Lesphia (kingdom in Europe) were killed by assassins and one of guards escaped to Japan together with their only daughter, who became in the end foster daughter to lord of Amori clan. After some years when she grown, mysterious foreighn ship was spotted to constantly be near Japan, country became flooded with illegal foreighn warriors who waited their time, and samsho characters started to suffer from assassin attacks. Apparently main boss is one responsible for many murders/assassinations and he commands that ship. Characters go to investigate.

Q:To Black Shroud....stupid question time...who was the main hero or rather...the last one to fight in all those SS (in order please), because I know in one of them Nakoruru sacrificed her so that Galford could deliver the final blow to some enemy.

A:SS1 and SS2 bosses defeated by Haohmaru & Nakoruru.
SS3 boss defeated by Shizumaru (and Haohmaru)
SS4 Dark Amakusa defeated by Kazuki and Zankuro by Sogetsu
SS64 Gandara defeated by Kazuki/Sogetsu and Yuga by Haohmaru & Nakoruru
SSAZ Gandara defeated by Hanzo and Yuga defeated by Asura & Hanmen no Asura
SS:Shinsho Oboro is defeated by Hanzo, Tohma by Seishiro and Mikoto/Yuga by Yuda
SS5 Kuraki-Sumeragi is defeated by Yunfei and Gaoh by Yoshitora
SS6 and onward - unknown.

Now the Nakoruru sacrifice you mentioned may refer to SS2 ending where she releases her essence to negate the evil presence in nature, and stops to exist in physical body. But for SS64-SSAZ she materializes again so she can do the fighting too.

Q:Anyway, so Ambrosia would be a top dog in SS series? Kinda like Orochi?

A:well, Ambrosia is "dark god of Makai (Demon World)" of SS1-SS4 arc, and you can see "it" in the end of SS RPG.

Then, there is questionable thing with SS64-SS:Shinsho arc.
The word "Ambrosia" doesnt mentions here but "dark god of Makai" stuff is still present, and Yuga has marks of Ambrosia as one of her symbols, and Egg of Destroyer as well as work of Amakusa and Mizuki are shown as direct sources to appearance of Yuga in the Human World.

There are several speculations:
1)Yuga = Ambrosia. In SS:RPG they just havent created Yuga design yet,
2)Yuga works under Ambrosia and wants to resurrect dark god (~Ambrosia; actually no facts that Yuga has someone to work on, she rather acts on her own)
3)Yuga wants her own rebirth as dark god of Makai.

But basically Yuga fills the same role in SS64-SS:Shinsho arc as Ambrosia had in SS1-SS4.

And for SS5-SS6 arc (Yuki Entertaiment) main bad guy is demon Kuraki-Sumeragi (Dark Emperor), a demon that appeared firstly in China, his defining features are love to wars and burning everything with green flame. Nevertheless, Ambrosia is mentioned in SS6/Tenkaichi Kenkakuden.

Q:Almost forgot SS RPG which, at the moment, is being translated into english. You know what was story in that one?

A:Yes I know but it is very long.
There are Amakusa Chapter based on SS1 and Mizuki chapter based on SS2. Storlyline is the same that in those games but Mizuki chapter has mission to collect her 7 bells around the world.
Also game has additional unique characters that play some part in storyline despite not appearing in any of main games.
You can also meet every character from SS1 SS2 SS3 SS4 with exception of Zankuro (i think)

Re: Samurai Spirirts Q&A Batch

PostPosted: 03 Jun 2009, 14:20
by Black Shroud
Q: I heard there were 3D SS games, particularly Warriors Rage, and from what I gathered, they were horrible. Any comments?

A: Well to eliminate confusion, there were three 3D samsho installments released in 90's
Japanese Name: SAMURAI SPIRITS (64)
Overseas Name: Samurai Shodown 64
Platform: Arcade only (Hyper Neo-Geo 64)
Current Emulation Status: Loads and proceeds approximately to Tutorial, color palette problems, controls dont respond yet.
Note: This game has some rough edges (being SNK's first 3D fighting attempt), but has many original features and reportedly is very fun to play.
Japanese Name: SAMURAI SPIRITS (64) 2: Asura Zanmaden
Japanese Name Translation: Samurai Spirits 2: Asura Demon Swordsman Legend
Overseas Name: Samurai Shodown 64 Warriors Rage
Platform: Arcade only (Hyper Neo-Geo 64)
Current Emulation Status: Loads and proceeds to the half of Intro, color palette problems, controls dont respond yet.
Note: This game is awesome, and if talking about SS games flaws, this one can be said to be the least (or amongst the least) flawed. Graphics are better than in SS64.
Japanese Name: Kenkaku Ibunroku - Yomigaerishi SouKou no Yaiba - Samurai Spirits Shinsho
Japanese Name Translation: Tale of Warriors - Revival of Blue & Crimson Blades - Samurai Spirits New Chapter
Overseas Name: Samurai Shodown Warriors Rage ; the lesser known name is Samurai Shodown: The New Chapter of Blade
Platform: Console Only (PlayStation 1)
Current Emulation Status: Perfectly emulated
Note: Overall development of game is one of the best amongst SS ones, but Im gonna say this game isnt for casual players but rather for hardcore SS fans, those that are interested in storyline and various little things like that. For some reason SNK didnt managed to create good character models with smoothed edges, and instead game has lowpolygonal character models akin to SS64 standarts and probably even lower. Add here near-total lack of fan favourites in roster (since this game to SS is like Garou to FF/KOF) and some attack recovery speed problems and you will see why game wasnt welcomed by casual players. Still the game clearly has the "samurai spirit" (yes the same which SS6 lacks) in it, and many people want to see its characters in future installments, but only done with quality now.