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SS4 Walkthrough project

PostPosted: 07 Mar 2008, 23:13
by Black Shroud
We dont have walkthrough video for SS4.
I suppose we can use Shura Haohmaru and beat with him game without losng 2 rounds.
We can beat it in parts of 7-8 minutes each. (Just like in SS1 and SS2 walkthroughs).
I suggest we will make it by replays /save states method. Last one is useable through kawaks.
So there will be about 3-4 savestate points
If you lose after savestate point you return to it.
In the end we must have video in few parts with full walkthrough of SS4.
Now, who wants to take part in it ?

In this thread you can so far write how many consecutive SS4 battles you can beat with Shura Haohmaru without losing 2 rounds